Isaiah 46:9-10

I want to show to you that no power, no poverty, no cause, no family ancestral connection or upbringing, your village, your parent or events can decide your case. “Remember the things of old, for I am God and there is no one else, I am God and there is no one else like me. Declaring the end from the beginning” Any time God is using the word I, I am, He is boasting with His name. When God begin to boast, it means every power around you must submit!

Remember the things of old here as used by God means: Remember what I did to Pharaoh when he was boasting and was challenging me. Remember what I did in the case of Joseph when his enemies surrounded him and took him captives. Remember how Moses was born and how the whole nation was against him. The same Moses that was hidden in the bush later became a star. He later became an activist, a leader and a champion. That is why I said no power from the pit of hell or from your enemies can conclude your case. Chapter ten of that passage said “Declaring the end from the beginning”, hear me: your end is only decided by Jehovah God.

No man or woman nor your enemies, all the witches and wizards in your village or any power from the forests or occultic world, no matter how much they hate you can determine how your life will end. If God gave your success, your falling and rising or your destiny into the hand of a human being, you and I would not be where we are now. The power to RISE and FALL belongs to God almighty. God will only allow people to see your present or beginning but will hide your end from them and that is why I like God. Your end is a hidden secret! They cannot know it so they cannot determine it.

1 Corinthians 2 Vs 9, it says, “Oh ye my enemies, you cannot conclude my case” if men were concluding cases, Daniel would not be in the Bible. All his colleagues were against Daniel even the king said he had no chance but Daniel became what God said he would be. Declare to yourself that no power can conclude my case because my life is a mystery! If the enemies know your secret, they will attack it. Oh if they know the secret of your laughter, the secret of your success and promotion, they will attack them but as the anointing oil comes on you, blindness shall come over them in Jesus name. Your enemies will make mistakes that will promote you! For your enemies not to conclude your case, let your hand be clean. Whatever you do either in secret or in public just be on the right side.

Finally, Nelson Mandela was in prison for twenty seven years but he saw the end of his jailers. Moses looked back and saw the end of Pharaoh in the red sea. You shall see the end of your enemies in Jesus name. Let me announce something to you that until some people leave you, God will not show up. Whosoever speaking evil about you or those who withdraw your promotion, by the virtue of the anointing on me, they shall die an untimely death and God over-do shall fight for you and you shall end well in Jesus name.