Prophetic Declaration



  1. Those that gossip you and remove your name from promotion list shall celebrate you.
  2. I declare over you, those of you who brought baby things, marriage rings or wedding gown, visa and what have you, the Lord will answer your prayers in Jesus name.
  3. Miscarriage is arrested in your marriage, so I declare ‘Miscarriage’ pack your load and go in Jesus name.
  4. I declare that my father Jesus Christ shall boast with your life.
  5. I prophesy to you that what God has done in the past to favour His children, He will do it in your life again.
  6. Whether they like it or not your enemies from their coven will declare “There is God o!”
  7. I declare to you that any man or woman that boasts about your end shall end in disgrace, shame and confusion in Jesus name.
  8. I declare that your ministry, business, marital life, your finances and even your testimonies in life shall disgrace the enemies who chose to know your end in Jesus name.
  9. In your dream, they will be disappointed and as you are waking up shame and disappointment is their portion in Jesus name.
  10. You will rise again, your are favoured again, promotion is your portion and your secret shall be hidden from them.