He will use this site to turn all darkness to light and cause a great calm where there was a great storm. There is a supernatural power and an anointing browsing through the pages of this website 24 hours daily, for signs, breakthroughs and wonders! Prayer is power! Agreement prayer is double power! In fact, it is prayer that moves the Hand that rules the world! .
Agree with us in prayers and see power flow like a river into your situation! Believe God for a miracle! Believe God for direction!
Believe God for laughter where there was lamentation!

Your Daily DevotionalOf Choice !

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How To Use ODM
A time of at least between 45 minutes to 1 hour is suggested for the guidelines below.

You could exceed it. Don't forget that desire without discipline derails good intentions! So you need a writing material. Whatever God is speaking to you, determination and discipline to daily meet with God. Resist procrastination for great results!

Look for a quiet time and place.

Start with a brief prayer and worship {see beginning of this booklet, for a "morning devotion" prayer plan}. Please follow the morning and evening devotional plans/prayers of this devotional with your family daily! Read the passage (Basic Scripture) for the day twice.

Think (Meditate) on anything you have learnt personally from your heart andwhatever the Holy Spirit is ministering to you.

Pray on what you have learnt. Go over the whole passage once more and read the write-up {commentary} for the day from the Daily Manna page for the day.

Worship God and make definite commitments

Finally, pray the prayer point (s) on the page aggressively many times and carry out any assignment (s) or instruction(s) given.Now, you are too hot for Satan and his agents.

At your extra time, please go through the further reading scripture if any! Force yourself to pray in tongues seriously (Praying in the spirit) daily. You can use the selected Deliverance prayer points and great songs at the beginning and end of this booklet daily respectively. They are great!

Apart from the selected songs in this booklet, you are encouraged to use current songs you know very well as the Holy Spirit leads. Use the prophetic declarations at the end of this booklet and boldly say (declare) them loud daily. Use and meditate on the Gems For Success, (See the Bombshell page of this website), Self-Discovery, and motivational Cartoon pages daily and as often as you need them. You are too blessed to be stressed! Use these pages
daily! For a closer relationship with your creator and a genuine experience of peace and life fulfillment on this planet, you can make a change by connecting to God. Yes, you can be Born Again! See the "MAKE A CHANGE TODAY" page of this website. We consider this as the most important page of this website.

ODM has a great plan at the end of the devotional booklet per edition on how to finish your Bible in 1 year. Please follow it and watch your life, family and ministry get a transformation. ODM's finishing the Bible - in- 1yr - plan is a confusion buster! Get/order the booklet now! See our order page now! Thank you!


To avoid people feeling that God's Word has an expiry date, OUR DAILY MANNA is not dated according to the Gregorian calendar! It is dated with volumes and sections used as the simple daily guide plan! This is one of the simplest Bible reading plans on this earth! Each section stands for a new month, while the volume stands for the yearly serial package. For example, volume 1 stands for the first year of production and section 1 stands for January of each year. Section 6 is June. Section 12 represents December of each year.