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1 Sam 7: 12 (NIV): “Then Samuel took a stone and set it up between Mizpah and Shen. He named it Ebenezer, saying, “Thus far the LORD has helped us.” The New Living Translation says: “Samuel then took a large stone and placed it between the towns of Mizpah and Jeshanah. He named it Ebenezer (which means “the stone of help”), for he said, “Up to this point the LORD has helped us!”

JEHOVAH EBENEZER means Jehovah who had aided them so mightily IN THE PAST would also help them unto the end.

The lesson for us in this January 21 days fasting programme is that Ebenezer shows up BETWEEN YOUR WATCHTOWER AND YOUR TOOTH! The WATCHTOWER signifies a place of intense prayers. THE TOOTH signifies a place of INTENSE CRUSHING OF BONES (difficult battles and enemies). Ah! That means between Your PRAYER SEASONS, there shall come a BITING (CRUSHING) SEASON and you will look back at your past battles and you shall shout a shout of victors: EBENEZER!  Yes indeed, this year, you will shout your EBENEZER SHOUT! You will invite the world to come and see what your GREAT GOD HAS DONE! You will tell them: “SEE! HITHERTO HAS THE LORD HELPED ME AND HE HAS BECOME NY STONE OF HELP.” I am led to prophesy strongly NOW: “In this year 2016, there shall be VERY VISIBLE EVIDENCE OF THE HELP OF JEHOVAH GOD IN YOUR LIFE, CAREER, FAMILY, BUSINESS, ACADEMICS, MARITAL STORY AND MINISTRY and you shall call Him 12 TIMES signifying the 12 months: ABBA FATHER; JEHOVAH EBENEZER.” AMEN and amen in Jesus name!

Get ready for new testimonies and new deliverance because EBENEZER is showing up between the Watchtower (MIZPEH, the place of prayer and fasting) and SHEN (the tooth – the place of battle AND CRUSHING OF ENEMIES). You shall not fight in vain again! Every WATCH (Prayer) this year will leads to HELP. Every SHEN – Battle and contending with the enemy will lead to DOUBLE HELP!

JEHOVAH EBENEZER, the “Tear-Wiper” will locate you at the TBS, 29th January of the night of 12 Mantles. Bring your 12 Mantles for Prophetic Prayers that night! Tears will cease! Tell someone too.


I was introduced to ODM devotional by a sister in 2012 in Lagos Nigeria. I had so many problems at my place of work here in London as a medical nurse, so much antagonism from my colleagues. They said I had intimidating personality due to my height and stature. They plotted against me and I was suspended from work, I became depressed. After the 21 days fasting and prayer in January 2013, the problem persisted and I resigned out of frustration. By February while praying, I sent a text message listing all my problems to Bishop. Dr. Chris Kwakpovwe in Nigeria at midnight and he replied me the following morning, he gave me the ‘three fresh prayer points’ and references in the Bible. May 2013 was not just an ordinary month in my life as far as I am concerned because Jesus Christ appeared to me in my dream after I finished a dry fast. He appeared to me in a bright shining beautiful coloured cloth with the inscription of JESUS CHRIST boldly written all over it, I saw Him and I shivered, He appeared and reappeared. I woke up telling whoever cares to listen to me that I saw Him. Weeks later, the fibroid I had been battling with for over 35 years since I was 23 years and which had cost me five major surgeries suddenly disappeared, Oh! What a God? Within a week of applying for a new job, I got two offers which I took up immediately. In fact, I am overwhelmed! The God of ODM has really blessed me.
Douala- Cameroon
I am David Obase Mokete from Douala- Cameroon! Praise the lord! I am not used to reading Christian literatures. Right from the day ODM (Our Daily Manna) devotionals was introduced to me by one sister Clodette Nwana, my spiritual life has not been the same. I witnessed a big change of spiritual growth and transformation. When I read ODM, God`s word transformed, corrected, and guided me. I met Jesus more than ever before. I realized I needed to love the Word of God more. ODM has made me to be so committed about the things of God. And through ODM, Jesus has made my spiritual life to grow in such a way that I can now speak rightly, reason rightly, and act rightly. Pastor, please I want you to publish this so that my fellow Christians in Cameroon will know what God is doing to people through ODM. I bless God for your life. I pray that he will protect and defend you and your family in Jesus name. Amen.
I promised God that, I must testify if he healed me. I had been suffering from CHRONIC ULCER since 2001. I had done all I could humanly but to no avail. It has hindered me from actively participating and receiving from fasting programs all these years, because I was strictly warned not to fast no matter what by the doctors. There are a lot of things I was asked not to eat because of pains and hotness inside me, and I do not sleep at nights. As this years January 2013 programme was approaching, I determined like QUEEN ESTHER of the Bible, ”If I perish, I perish”. Though my church had the same programme, from 1st – 31st Jan., so I decided to combine all together, crying to God to show me mercy and remove this crucial pains from me. As the prayer started on the 1st, my spirit told me to open Virtue Page, placed it on my Right-Side-Chest, be sleeping on it at nights during and after prayers, which I obeyed. God showed me mercy and healed me. Today, I can eat everything, sleep like baby at nights. Secondly, God has miraculously removed me from tenant-ship to land-ladyship. Brethren, no matter the challenges of life, no matter what you are going though, just determine to pray, obey, wait, believe and you will definitely receive.

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